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Name: yanbo2k1
Location: Shenzhen, China
Email: yanbo2k1 - 163.com
Website: blog.sina.com.cn/yanbo2k1
DWV Entry: God of Judgement

Favorite Software?
ZBrush, 3DSMAX, 3D Coat, xNormal, CrazyBump
Warhammer, GUNDAM, Metal Gear, etc.
Favorite Games?
Gears of War, God of War, Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc.
Favorite movies?
Sin city
Favorite music?
Rock and Roll
Good Habbits?
Early to bed and early to rise and enjoy finding out about things.
Bad Habbits?
gluttonous and not into sports。
Future Goals?
Creating an attractive game.
Dog or Cat Person?
Cat person
How do you bounce back from a bad day?
Eating and sleeping are my magic weapons.
What is a good day?
A good day is when everything goes well and I am happy.



How did you become an artist?
Actually I was a graduate student major in international trade, and I just took CG art as a hobby. However, I spent almost all my spare time on CG art because of my fanaticism to it. Gradually I won some contests on the Internet, which made me believe that I will get a brighter future in the CG industry, so I changed my major and threw myself into the CG industry and became a professional character designer.
What inspires you to continually create art and to continue with it as a career? Random events? Other artists? Friends? Pets? an army of elves tucked beneath your table?
Undoubtedly it is the talented artists before who led me to this road, their great CG artworks provide me with immense passion and inspiration and eventually led me to CG industry. I can recall the visual impact when I saw an artwork created by 3D software for the first time. I want to thank all the great CG artists. You created a brave new world for me.
Was there a specific reason for your DWV Character design? What inspired you?
The inspiration for my DWV character is mainly from some designs in Metal Gear and Warhammer. I tried to combine their different styles, meanwhile I compared many fashion designs in the medieval period. A luxury and modern style is what I want to create.
What were your personal reasons for entering Dominance War V? To train? To practice? For fun?
For me, DWV is a challenge and an incentive to myself, it is also a progress. And what is more,I take this experience as a chance for my growth。It is also a way to show my respect to the genius artists who won the previous awards.
What were your highs and lows when creating this spectacular entry? Any big mistakes or lucky breaks? Any regrets? Learned anything new?
I made schedule for the DMW before I actually took part in it. In the beginning I followed this schedule., but I adjust my style abruptly in the working process, which put me in a hurry, but I managed to handle it. I gained a deeper understanding to many details in this contest. Luckily many minor problems have been solved perfectly, I want to thank my friends who helped me.
What type of training do you think would be helpful for others to become successful artists?
I think some ideas in design is more important than skills of model making, on the other hand, basic skill is the cornerstone of the whole artwork. Every step should be perfect. Yet relatively speaking, essential design is the soul of an artwork.
Any final thoughts/words about Dominance War V, to friends, or to aspiring/growing artists?
Thanks to all the friends who helped me and my family. It is a wonderful experience to take in DWV, thank all the participants and staff behind the curtain, it is you who presented this fantastic feast of vision to the world.
Thank you yanbo2k1 for giving us a glimpse at the talent and inspiration behind your online name. You created a fantastic entry and I am positive I speak for everyone when I say, I hope all your future endeavors will be extra-ordinarily rewarding. Congratulations on your outstanding achievement!

Fredrik Hultqvist
- DominanceWar.com Creator
- UnearthlyChallenge.com Creator
- GameArtisans.org Founder


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