What would be your advice for aspiring game artists out there? What type of training do you think would be helpful in becoming a successful game artist?
When I switched the focus of my study to video game art, the new instructor didn't really like me either. It was because I was the only one who did not own any game systems in the class. He didn't like the fact that a student who wanted to learn about the video game related art did not play any games and wasn't really aware of the market. It doesn't matter if you draw well or if you are a good 3D artist. If you don't love video games, it's hard to be a good video game artist. So, I would tell people to play video games. But, don't just play for fun. Study the game you play. Analyze the game you play. Secondly, When you make video game art, be aware of the limits and boundaries. Do not waste even a single polygon or a single pixel of a texture. You will see how big and important the one pixel is in the actual game.

Concept Sheets by James Chung & Karl Östlund

Was there someone, or some thing that helped make you who you are today?
Well, I mentioned that instructor ( I can't remember his name... He was an animator at Pixar...) who encouraged me to stop pursueing being an animator but try getting into the gaming industry as a Modeler/Texture artist. Honestly, it's a bit weird talking about "where I am today". I am still not very satisfied with my current skill level. And I am constantly striving to improve and learn new things. So, I don't feel like I qualify to answer this question adaquetly. Regardless, the greatest "someone" that helped me to keep pushing myself are all the great artists out there. Whenever I see so many great work, it really challenges me and pumps my blood to push myself. And it's always been like that from the time I started my education. So, I have to give credit to all the great artists out there.

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Texture Sheets
Is there anyone you would like to thank, or at least give a shout out to?
I thank God for giving me such a great opportunity. I want to thank my wife for being VERY understanding and supportive. I also want to thank James for all his nags (^^). Without it, I don't think Bigun would have been this cool. Also, I want to thank Karl for such a great design. And lastly, I want to thank everyone at 3dtotal. Their feedbacks and comments were a big encouragement during the competition.

Final Rendered Shot of Biguns
Would you do it again next year?
Of course, not only did this contest challenge my skills, it gave me a very good portfolio piece. I think DW competition is one of the best places for video game artists to exchange their ideas and information as well as get great feedback and critique. I almost felt like everyone involved was one big team, even though everyone was competing against each other. I wish more artist forums from around the world can join next time.
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