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Character Name: Bigun



Favorite Software: Maya & Photoshop

Inspirations: Any great Sci-Fi related designs excites me.

Favorite Games: I enjoy playing FPS such as Call of Duty series (shameless plug)

Favorite movies:
I enjoyed watching both Crash and Babel. They both made me think about those social issues.

Favorite music: Easy Rock

Good habbits: Always set the goal high and be deligent.

Bad habbits: I often neglect my health and things around me because I get caught up trying to achieve the goal I've set.

Future Goals: I would love to teach at college level classes to raise the next generation of game makers.

Dogs or Cats?
I am allergic to cat fur/hair. But, I like cats and want to play with cats. Pretty weird eh?

How do you bounce back from a bad day? Well, playing games after the hard day at work always helps. But, mostly, I try to remain positive no matter what the circumstances.

What’s a good day? If I know I am loved, it's good day. Most of my days are very good this way :D

Construction shots of Bigun
Let's start at the beginning, how did you become an artist and as you became an artist, did you ever imagine it would be for games?
I wasn't planning on becoming a texture artist. I originally wanted to become an animator. So I enrolled at an art school with an animation program. But, I wasn't doing very well. One instructor gave me a "D" for his class and actually advised me to look into being a texture artist for the video game industry. I guess he liked my texture work better than my animations. Without hesitating, I followed his advice and I found he was right. Now I am working as a Senior Artist at Infinity Ward, maker of the Call of Duty series. If I hadn't listened to my instructor's advice, I probably wouldn't be in the video game industry.
You have a great eye for details and form. Tell us about the process you undertake to get the results that you do? How do you come up with your ideas? Concepts, yes, no?
Well... believe it or not... I have been a CG artist for over 10 years. But, Bigun is the first character I ever finished from modeling to texturing. I usually like sci-fi themed hard surface models such as vehicles, weapons or buildings. So in a way DW2 contest was a huge challenge for me. And because of that reason, James changed the concept to more of a hard-surface heavy model (my original concept was to do an armored character in the likes of War Hammer/Unreal characters). Karl also did a great job designing a bio-mechanical character according to the new concept. I am not a concept artist. So having a clear concept was a huge help for me. I tried my best to apply everything I've learned from working as a video game artist. That's how Bigun was born.

Close-up Shot of Bigun

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To get this entry done must have been no easy feat. Tell us about your working habits? Basically, what's your secret to your apparent success?
It wasn't easy. The last 7 weeks have been one of the hardest, yet most fruitful time in terms of working. As soon as I got back home from work, I went right to my computer. Usually I went to bed around 3 o'clock in the morning. I would have to say that the secret to success was to just sit your butt down in front of the computer as long as possible and click as many times as possible. Secondly, not relying on what I know already, but studying and trying new methods was another huge factor in finishing up a successful model. There were times where I had to start from scratch if the texture wasn't working. Just getting a right pose for the character took 3 days. And I think I used Metal Ray and rendered some images over a 100 times.

Upper Torso and Helmet shots
What is the most exciting and rewarding part about being a game artist?
For me, being a game artist itself is one of the most exciting and rewarding thing. Think about it. It's hard to find people who don't like games. I believe the gaming industry is an important part of entertainment. However, the idea of making a game and playing the game you made is a whole different story. It's also very exciting and rewarding thing to see the game that you make in the market. When I saw my model and texture in the TV commercial of the game I made, it gave me great joy.
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