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Name:  Sang hoon Ahn "onaciaans"
Location: Seoul, Korea
DWV Entry: Monggoo Mogo

Favorite Software?
Photoshop CS2. It has the least bugs and there are plenty of useful features for digital artists like me.
I get inspirations from movies, images, websites and magazines.
Favorite Games?
World of Warcraft, (Of course...!)
Favorite movies?
"The World's Fastest Indian", and the best quote from this movie is...
“It’s not the critic that counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could’ve done them better – the credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena.” - Theodore Roosevelt
... It always pushes me to work and try harder.
Good Habbits?
Once I decide something, I never give up and I take its responsibility very seriously.
Bad Habbits?
Sometimes Lazy in my daily life... haha...
Future Goals?
I'm an idealist. so I imagine a lot from my surroundings and am always eager to live in new world with fun and enjoyable things.
Dog or Cat Person?
A dog. No reason, I just like dogs more.
How do you bounce back from a bad day?
Watch TV, Watch monitor and work, stay at home and do nothing, or go out of home and do something.
What is a good day?
Like all artists, recognition for my contributions and achievements with art.



How did you become an artist?
As mentioned above under future goals, I'm a very imaginative person who is inspired and enjoys creating things from the world around me. Because of this, I took a career path in arts. I studied and learned a great deal in school and when school was over, from people and books. Continually evolving, one day, I could finally create my own worlds. I think it's great to be in this world and to be able to recreate it, enhance it, change it, and/or create entirely new worlds, now this is extremely cool isn't it? I believe I made the right choice. I am now an artist and I am enjoying it.
What inspires you to continually create art and to continue with it as a career? Random events? Other artists? Friends? Pets? an army of elves tucked beneath your table?
All it takes is a tiny bit of inspiration from what I see, imagine or even dream. This drives me to create something on screen or drawing paper. At the same time, I never stop drawing. I keep trying to develop myself and my art and the only way to achieve this, is with continual practice. Art is like weight training, the moment you stop, your strength in fades away. This knowledge, together with my desire to improve, is the battery behind my enthusiasm for continually creating art.
Was there a specific reason for your DWV Character design? What inspired you?
Before I began, I thought mostly about the theme and considered the entire 5 year story line of the Dominance War Universe. After careful consideration, I chose this character design because I wanted to create something big and massive. Its size and the scene it was going to be portrayed in, had the potential to show something spectacular... something epic. I further emphasized strength by given him a more impenetrable feel - skin in the form of hard surface materials. It made for a more solid character, and it gave him a more tough, strong, and godly look.
What were your personal reasons for entering Dominance War V? To train? To practice? For fun?
For me, the main purpose of entering a challenge like Dominance War V is to check myself and where my skill level rates in the world. There are currently no other world challenges where you can enter as a team, enjoy the company of friends, and also make new friends from around the world. Additionally, I always thought of art as a tool for communication. With art, you are able to depict a story and show others what that story is all about. In Dominance War, you finally have a unique opportunity to share your ideas, your visions, and your worlds. Itís your chance to create a story, and share that story with all. Itís certainly an experience... and having fun, excitement and making new friends, just adds to my reasons for entering.
What were your highs and lows when creating this spectacular entry? Any big mistakes or lucky breaks? Any regrets? Learned anything new?
Upon entering this challenge, I found that there were many powerful game artists and awesome concept artists all over the world. Ironically, I found out that I was also considered one of them too. It was a pleasure to see everyone in action. Frankly, there were no mistakes, no regrets and/or no depressing stuff to report. It's Dominance War! Be it to learn, practice, get motivated, or to get inspired, it’s a challenge that game artists “should" enter.
What type of training do you think would be helpful for others to become successful artists?
The best way to be a successful artist is to see more, draw more and to always try and surpass your limits. Don’t strive for mediocrity, or do what has been done. Be brave and be epic! With art, you can never die from trying, but you can die inside from trying nothing. Also experiences from everything around you and from people, is a great source of inspiration. Finally, upon reflecting, I'm not very smart person but I'm a diligent person. At all times remember this... naturally, hard work will always make anyone and everyone a better artist overall!
Any final thoughts/words about Dominance War V, to friends, or to aspiring/growing artists?
When I was asked to write this interview, I was not told what rank I placed as in the challenge. Well, still, I don’t believe I placed very high as a finalist, but, I'm very happy to have participated and to have been amongst friends in the challenge. I will continue to try my best to developing myself, my art, and to keep a diligent life style. I'm very proud of being a game artist.
...and very thankful to Dominance War.
Thank you Sang Hoon "onaciaans" for sharing your thoughts, ideas, and visions during this interview and during the challenge. I did not tell you your rank when I contacted you for an interview, but as you can see now, you won the 2D category for Dominance War V!! Here is a big surprise congrats from me, and I am positive, from everyone else who has enjoyed your art and your epic creating process during this challenge. I hope all your future endeavors will be extra-ordinarily rewarding. Congratulations on your outstanding achievement!

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