Name: Jim "jchristo" Christopher

I graduated from the Ringling College of Art and Design in 2007 with a degree in computer animation. I've spent the past three years as an animator at Raven Software in Middleton, Wisconsin working on games like X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Singularity.
About Entry: My main goal going into this animation was to show extreme contrast in the characters' movement styles. I was especially interested in working on a really acrobatic character and the shadow class seemed perfect for that. One thing I ended up doing a little differently this time was animating straight ahead instead of pose-to-pose. I hadn’t animated straight ahead in a while and it was fun! The six-second time limit came back to bite me about half way through the project, but in the end, it probably helped me hone my idea. I used Maya to model the add on character props, and 3ds Max to rig, animate and render the scene. Also, a big shout out to my co-workers that helped motivate me to complete this one, and everyone that gave me feedback along the way!

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