Name: Martin "Blackheart" Nrekic
About: I am a Game Animator / Artist from Melbourne, Australia. I have been in the game industry since 2006, but have been animating since I was 5 years old (with action figures...) I am a fan of Conan the Barbarian, Berserk, Naruto, Streetfighter, and all things macho and nerdy. All of these greatly influence my animation and art.
About Entry: I've been playing Streetfighter at work since I entered the game business. After observing the many interesting and often ridiculous ultras, I began to wonder if I could create something better but in the context of the competition guidlines. I started initially from animatics and storyboards, but realised I needed to get in better touch with the feel of animation. After creating a few key poses in the scene, and creating a quick storyboard from them, I went back to Maya to rig up the characters. Finally, I fleshed out the animation into what you see now.

Thanks: Bethany Nrekic, my lovely wife, for dealing with my stress and long hours worked on this animation, the boys at BA for their support, and Emil M. for introducing me to Polycount and the Dominance War series.

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