Name: Narongdej Teo a.k.a "LTX"

About: I am an artist living in Singapore who mostly does drawing and 3d art. Often, I try out new techniques, styles and mediums for fun and self-improvement. At the moment, I am not involved in anything important.
About Entry: This model had a huge number of sudden changes, starting with a complete redesign of the concept at the initial stages. I wanted to experiment with a number of things when doing this entry such as low poly eyes, anatomy and cloth. The first version after the complete redesign was a "dark" sniper character with a huge gun and a second pair of mechanical limbs. To keep things interesting, I discarded any attempt at keeping the costume practical and did whatever I thought would look nice at the moment. This eventually led to the final product after drawing additional inspiration from Korean artists such as Hyung Tae Kim.

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