Name: Yaroslav "Erigo" Grigorash

About: I am a Designer/Sculptor and 3d artist from Ukraine who generally specializes in creating 3d Characters/Creatures for games and the video entertainment industry. Currently, I work as a freelance 3d/Character-Creature artist.

About Entry:
When I started thinking about what kind of character to create for the Pre- DomWar V Challenge, I decided to sneak around for references on the net. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything that would kick start me in right direction. In this light, since I'm a big fan of old games like Commandos 2 and Doom 3, I decided to replay some of them including the new game - Killzone 2. During this gaming jam, or rather, research and development period, I finally found an idea and the determination to create it - a Futuritic Assassin type soldier (Shadow Class). The hardest part to create my entry was to manage my ideas into a 3k polygon limit and find interesting shapes for textures, regardless, he was a fun character to create and I learned many new tricks. I used Maya for modeling and DeepPaint+PS for texturing (no baking of any kind). For rendering - Marmoset Toolbag. Damn that new Toolbag is awesome!

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