Name: Gabelko "Bogdanbl4" Bogdan

About: I have been in the game industry for over 6 years. Currently, I create character art for "Allods Online" MMO. I really love my job, but I still find time to participate in art competitions for fun and as a hobby. Competitions can consume a lot of time, but I believe it's well worth the effort because they offer
an opportunity to train and perfect skills. It's fun and it's a great way to widen your knowledge and scope.

About Entry: I had to make a choice between "Shadow" and "War General." In the end, I decided to create an elegant and majestic girl, and that was the reason why I chose "War General". I used pictures from World War II for references and concentrated my efforts on her face, so that it would become more sophisticated and worth-remembering. The final result looked quite cool. Hope you will enjoy my work.

It was wonderful to participate in such a challenge. Everyone created such cool works, it was inspiring to see. Thanks and congrats to all!

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