Name: Yigit Koroglu

About: I've been working as a freelance concept artist and illustrator for 2 years. I regard challenges, especially Dominance War, as a great platform to meet other artists from all around the world and get professional feedback.
  About Entry: After reading the brief, I asked myself what kind of characters would I like to see in a game setting like DW? Keeping that question constantly in mind, I tried to focus on creating characters with background stories while sketching. The most important thing in concept art is to make unique features, especially when designing for MMOs. As soon as I was happy with the general layout, I started coloring and detailing. At the coloring stage I was unhappy with the bluish tones; they looked too boring when combined with the static poses. So I switched to red hues to add more excitement to the image. I think it was a good choice.

I would like to thank CGSociety artists for being so supportive and all communities for being such tough rivals.

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