Name: Marat "Marat-Ars" Arslanov

About: I am a 2d/3d artist from Russia who specializes in designing character, weapon and equipment concepts. Currently, I work as a freelance artists and during my spare time, I enjoy participating in various CG competitions online. DW is one of my favorites!:)

About Entry: To insure a proper design, on paper, I normally spend several days on character silhouettes and functionality. Once an idea is locked in, I then start with the computer. From the start of this challenge, I wanted to create two rival clans: a demonic clan War General and a rival clan Black Phoenix Technomage - a small history always helps with designs. The rest was photoshop work to make my ideas happen. It was a pleasure to compete alongside fellow artists and I enjoyed taking part in the pre-DomWar challenge!

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