Name: Feng "georgeguo" Guo

About: Currently, I work in Shanghai China creating promotional concept illustration work and contract work for games, film and television. My interests include history, astronomy, and paleontology and I enjoy gaming during my leisure time.
About Entry: This was my first DW. It was impressive to see many fellow artists from around the world participate, however, when I first saw the rules and suggested time period, I was not inspired. I put extra time in developing an idea that persuasively fit the brief and suggested mastery professions as War General and Technomage. In my creation, a female and Male depicted together best highlighted both class and cultural differences. For the theme, I envisioned a future place on a planet many years after the final world war. This gave me the unique opportunity to design sci-fi characters with elements of military and magic together as one, in essence, creating a "just" yet "soft" distinction. It was a challenging topic.

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