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Interview by FredH

Name: "marat-ars"
Location: Moscow, Russia
Email: marat-ars [at] ya.ru
Pre-DWV 2D Entry: Black Phoenix & Queen of Technomages

Favorite Software?
3ds max, ZBrush, PS, Painter, AE
All around. Family, art by other artists, movies, games and events.
Favorite Games?
World of Warcraft, Diablo, Deus Ex HR, Crysis, God Of War, Mortal Kombat, Titan Quest, NFS and other...
Favorite movies?
A lot of movies. I watch everything, no restrictions
Favorite music?
From Heavy metal to ambient. All except pop music.
Good Habbits?
A healthy lifestyle. I love my family and my work. I'm a workaholic.
Bad Habbits?
I'm a workaholic. That says it all! haha
Future Goals?
Play Diablo III until the end of the world
Dog or Cat Person?
Owl But I have a cat.
How do you bounce back from a bad day?
Take a break from everything and spend time with my family.
What is a good day?
When there is a desire and ability to do something.

How did you become an artist?
My entire childhood... I drew, and machines, robots and monsters were my thing. I constantly thought up stories for them and when I had some spare time, I enjoyed backing up those stories/ideas with art. None of my schoolbooks were safe from my wild concepts of monsters, people, and robots. It was a ton of fun. When high school was over, I then jumped into University for Art. They taught me how to see space, volume and the play of shadows and light. When I look back at those moments, I think they were some of the greatest moments of my life. At University, I learned a great deal. It helped me learn how to communicate, and it’s where I met my future wife. We supported each other and we continually tried to push our creativity forward. But my future wife to-be was not my only fortune. I was also introduced to a computer, and in 2001, I became acquainted with two of its good friends, 3ds max 3 and Photoshop. For me it was an opening – An opening to a new world of possibilities. I was hooked from day 0. I remember buying those ridiculously thick encyclopedias of how to's and I remember spending my nights and weekends sitting there, staring at my screen in wonder. I didn't play any games to keep me entertained. I simply needed to create. I felt I’d go mad if I wasn’t making something. I was happy and proud of it. Thus, year after year, I became a willing prisoner to the chains of CG =)
What inspires you to continually create art and to continue with it as a career? Random events? Other artists? Friends? Pets? an army of elves tucked beneath your table?
As mentioned above, I love to create, and for this reason, I am continually inspired by anything and everything. Even if it’s a simple street lamp, or an interesting passerby, I get inspired. As like other artists, each day, many ideas and plans are born in my mind. Everything that occurs in life, I can transform it and use it. A chat with a friend, hanging out with colleagues or watching a movie, everything gradually goes into our minds and when it’s time to make some magic, you just need to "shake the piggy bank", and voila!... A new idea is generated. Every artist and his interpretation of his experiences are unique; therefore all art produced is always inspiring.
Was there a specific reason for your Pre-War Character Concept Design? What inspired you?
My main reason for entering was simple - to visually show two opposing forces – A chaotic evil clan and a neutral clan. To accomplish this feat, I looked at two different versions of the Dominance War V logo a) with fire, b) with electricity. From there, an idea took form to create an evil character with fire, and a neutral character with electricity. For the War General "Black Phoenix," almost immediately, I came up with a silhouette of a knight with a "crest of a phoenix" on his left shoulder. Near this crest, I placed the GA sword logo and an amulet that depicted the head of a wolf (as a trophy from a dead enemy). The crest area is his deadly power source, but at the same time, if he were to be a boss in a game, it would also be his Achilles' heel. The second character, The Queen of Technomages, I came up with an idea that revolved around - electric serpent. With this in mind, she was given magic powers and a style design that worked well with electrical energy. In contrast to Black Phoenix, the Queen had her own pet, but I drew the design for her pet a little later. Inspiration for creating these characters came from my participation in a global art challenge. I simply wanted to show my vision to the world.
What were your personal reasons for entering Dominance War V? To train? To practice? For fun?
Like everyone else, I wanted to create quality work, and of course, compete with artists everywhere to see how I rated in the grand scheme of things. Although it takes quite a bit of determination, and a ton of caffeine, itís a great way to find out oneís weaknesses and strengths. I truly believe it's important for creative individuals to find out what others think of their work. As it was in the 12th century, back then, artists gathered together in large workshops to express their opinions about art. There is no growth without criticism and without growth you simply can't compete and get recognition. There is no shame when someone, with just a simple suggestion, sends you flying in a new direction. There are many artists around the world who are like diamonds in the rough Ė nobody knows about them or their skills. But in a unique contests like Dominance war, or even Comicon, artists have the opportunity to shine and showcase their talents. Even if not masters, It helps harden and improve skills and gives a sense of duty, which in the end, makes participants become some truly strong warriors! It is a must-try for every artist, and it's cool
What were your highs and lows when creating this spectacular entry? Any big mistakes or lucky breaks? Any regrets? Learned anything new?
After completing the first character, I did not have much time left for the second required character, but other than this, from start to finish, to be honest, I didnít run into any failures or disappointments. In any case, the process was very interesting. Seeing the work and efforts by other artists gave me no time to relax. It was a constant and hurried pace. I had a great deal of support by viewing artists, and I enjoyed communicating with these artists immensely. In the end, I think we all had a great time!
What type of training do you think would be helpful for others to become successful artists?
You can complete a set of training courses, frequently attend master classes, and be trained by the best artists in the world, but you probably will learn nothing. No one else can kindle a fire inside of you if you have no wood to spare to start the light. So how does one do it themselves? All the strength and potential is in you. Learn to create and to control this force, believe in yourself and always march towards your goals. Compete, try, learn, fall, get up and win. It’s called Self-motivation, and it is the most powerful mechanism of all time. Otherwise, love your work and always respect others and their endeavors!
Any final thoughts/words about Dominance War V, to friends, or to aspiring/growing artists?
To DW - this global competition has to live and gather an army of new warriors. Everyone is waiting. Let the battle begin anew! Give it to us!

To friends - all those who have supported me in the contest and those who have given me their vote, I wanted to say - friends, I appreciate and respect each of you. Thank you very much! You are dope to me. I would also like to say a word to my friend and colleague - Nik, you're the most stubborn and talented guy I've met, I believe that together we can overcome all obstacles and achieve our goals. A childís shovel to dig the whole field

For beginners - Go for your dreams and break all barriers to get there!

"If you are working on their objectives, these objectives will be work for you." - Jim Rohn

Special thanks to all the organizers of the competition for the opportunity. Good luck everyone and see you on a new battlefield
Thank you Marat for showcasing your work and your methods during Dominance War V. With a demonstration of talent in both the concept art and 3d categories, you were an extremely unique and inspiring artist to behold. I, and I am positive, everyone else, hope your future endeavors will be bright and that all your thought after goals shall come true. Congratulations on your outstanding achievement!

Fredrik Hultqvist
- DominanceWar.com Creator
- UnearthlyChallenge.com Creator
- GameArtisans.org Founder


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