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  Name: Guangjian Huang
  Entry: Blood
  Thread: View w.i.p thread
  Location: Fuzhou, China
  Occupation: Concept Artist
  Email: hgjart[at]hotmail[dot]com

Guangjian Huang, aka G.J, is currently working as a concept design artist in China. He has participated in several programs in game, sculpture, film, publish, ad, fairground and other fields, and has personally launched an outsourcing company of concept design, and took part in the company’s major operation as art director. To this day, teaching is one of Guangjian's most important works, for he launched a training class of concept design with his friends.

A few Personal Habits and Traits of Vadim:

Favorite Software? Photoshop and Painter.
Inspirations? Movie. Novel. Photography.
Favorite Games? DOTA
Favorite movies? The Matrix
Favorite music? Secret Garden
Dog or Cat Person? Dog
Future Goals? Run my company into a powerful and impressive team.
Bad Habbits? Enjoy relaxing at night
Good Habbits? I can bury myself in work
Recover from a bad day? Talk to my best friend
What is a good day? Any days when my favorite works make it into the world

How did you become an artist and at the time, did you think you would end up being an artist for games?
To tell the truth, I majored in Accounting at college and worked as an accountant after graduation. But I always enjoyed painting since I was a little child. One day, I quit my accountant job and took a painting class for one year. I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was a great turning point as it gave me a chance to see what it was like to be a game artist. Of course, at the time, it was tough to change careers - there were pressures on many sides. I never imagined that I could one day afford to paint as a career and continue what I enjoyed doing since childhood. To this day, I think I am very lucky, because working is not only my job, it is my hobby and my passion.
How did you come up with your idea for your character? Was there a specific reason for the design?
A Demon Lord and his power over death, interested me. In my mind, this combination had enough potential and space for creating many great things. To begin with, my Chinese community’s team colors were red and white, which made me think of blood and bones. Blood and bones together with red and white, could easily be interpreted as death. It was very important to find appropriate elements for a creation, and I now had mine for a Demon Lord. Continuing forward, I then imagined full wings for my character – as wings and flight help form and create a story. These interesting little story additions can enrich the character and make the creation process more interesting, furthermore, they can make the character much more realistic. Adding stories to a design includes the character’s living environment, ways of action and attack as well as other important elements. Some additional inspirations came from Chinese ancient fairy tales to round the final piece off, like blood flying fairies found in the strands beneath the Demon Lord.

Why did you enter Dominance War IV?
During the summer of 2008, a group of amazing images started showing up in various Chinese and art websites and soon, they began to be passed around by my colleagues. Later, I learned that they originated from an international competition called Dominance War. These great images made me realize that DW was a high level competition, and this impressed me deeply. In March of the next year, one of my colleagues was trying to enter this competition and wanted me to join with him. Having seen many new entrants’ join the forum each day and to my surprise, they could paint very well and also give friendly advice to others, was very intriguing. I decided to join too.

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