Dominance War V Launch
November 8-9th 2010

The time? 10am-9pm, Monday November 8th 2010. The place? Montreal Place Bonaventure Hilton hotel during an event for aspiring and professional game content creators - the Montreal International Games Summit. It all began like the quiet before the storm.

Set up took place late Sunday morning into the early single digit am's of Monday morning. With much art to show and with a pending launch of Dominance War V on the horizon, it was a late night, but before the flood gates opened for MIGS, everything was prepared. All art was up and Fredrik Hultqvist, Dan "Draxxuss" Rickard and Max Hultqvist, together with our sponsors, Eurocom, were ready for the grand event.

Upon entering, visiting students and pro artists were delighted to hear and learn about Dominance War, an international competitions for game artists. Surrounded by inspiring art created by artists around the world, everyone left the exhibit excited about the possibilities of participating and in thought about what type of character class they would create for the launch of the epic challenge - Dominance War V.

There were many delightful activities going on in the background. A student competition organized by Autodesk, another competition by Pixologic, a job recruiting fare, games showcase, speaker sessions, software demos, and more. With a frenzy of activities to see, it was a busy two days full of questions, answers and laughs.

During the course of the two-day event, interviews took place, however Fred dodged the bullet and gave Dan the mic, not once, but twice. To this day and into the future, Fred owes Dan many things, so if on the forums you see a comment by Draxxuss saying, "Fred, remember that day when.." This will most likely proceed with Dan getting a favor time and time again.

But, with all the bells and whistles that was the event, the main highlight was our private launch of the Pre-DomWar V Challenge on Monday night. Dan took the lead by opening up with a great talk about competitions as a whole and what they meant for students and employers. He showed some great examples and emphasized how he himself participated in many challenges. Fred then completed the talk by announcing the topic for the new Dominance War V prelim challenge - DW MMO AC (Dominance War Massive Multiplayer Online Art Challenge.

The entire event was a delight to attend and I would like to thank everyone for coming and for making it a great time for all.