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Postponed to 2008
War Credits
DominanceWar Site
Dominance War
Main Contact
Fredrik Hultqvist
Forum Teams
CGChat Forum
Forum Moderator
Joe Mirabello
Polycount Forum
Forum Administrator
- Andrew Risch
CGSociety Forum
Forum Moderator
- Rick Kolesar
3DTotal Forum
Forum Moderator
- DJ Hancock
Contact Information
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Art by Gavin

Dominance War Organizer Contact:

Fredrik [FredH] Hultqvist

GameArtisans.org Founder

Dominance War Organizer

fredh [at] dominancewar [dot] com

or use GameArtisans.org's pm feature to ping Fred

Art by wyldwulf
Forum Specific Question:

Joe [JoeM] Mirabello

Team Leader for CGChat.com

CGChat Game Competitions Organizer

realtimecg.comps [at] 30lives [dot] com

or use cgchat's pm feature to ping Joe

Art by peppi

Andrew [r13] Risch

Team Leader for Polycount.com

Polycount Admin

rogue13 [at] gmail [dot] com

or use polycount's pm feature to ping Andrew

Art by 2byts

Rick [heavyness] Kolesar

Team Leader for CGTalk.com

CGTalk Game Competitions Organizer

heavyness [at] gmail [dot] com

or use cgtalk's pm feature to ping Rick

Art by Taehoon

DJ [BiG ToE] Hancock

Team Leader for 3DTotal.com

3DTotal Game Competitions Organizer

DJ.Hancock [at] comcast [dot] net

or use 3DTotal's pm feature to ping Andrew




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