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The following sponsors are here to support the creativity of the game content community at large.


"The guys over at Protodemon Creative are thrilled to sponsor Dominance War V through Pinchbot collectibles!  We can’t wait to see what you guys and gals can come up with and then convert those entries into killer Collectibles you can display on your desk!  We’ve started Pinchbot to produce a new breed of collectibles that explore all the dark, edgy, controversial, and inspiring content that is synonymous with Dominance War.  So help us create the Greatest Statues ever! And let the games begin! Champions of this challenge will receive special gifts to commemorate achievements (A dominance War Action figure toy line!) "

Visit - www.pinchbot.com

"ZBrush today helps Game artists with extraordinary vision achieve that vision by providing a medium to “concept sculpt” rather than sketch.  Multi-resolution modeling, 3D layers, Gravity Brush modifiers,  Transpose, Mesh Extraction  and more make it easy to experiment without ever becoming locked into a decision.  PolyPainting enables the artist to paint while sculpting so that the color map matches the sculpted details.  Cavity masking enhances additional painting by telling the brush to ignore highs or lows in the sculpt.  And this painting can all be done before a single UV has been laid out!  Of course, no artist today would dream of creating a hero game character without normal maps and this is where ZBrush brings its trademark high resolution detailing to the economy demanded by Dominance War.  In DW1 the grand prize went to a ZBrush artist, Vitaley Naymushin.  In DW3, three out of the top five winners (that we know of) used ZBrush, including the Ultimate 3D Champion, Dmitry Parkin. 

ZBrush has been empowering game artists for many years now.  It is therefore Pixologic’s extreme pleasure to be able to help sponsor what promises to be the world’s most intense exhibition of game talent:  Dominance War V."
"D-Anatomystore is both thrilled and honored to be part of this years Dominance War contest. We are excited to see what this years competition would bring and what new benchmark would be set. Anatomy is the structural foundation, the basis of what make every physical characters believable. Having a strong grounding in the fundamental of human form and anatomy is what separates you from the rest. At D-Anatomystore we strive to provide all the necessary tools for your to achieve these goals."

Visit - www.d-anatomystore.com
"Ubisoft is proud to support the 5th edition of Dominance War. Today’s gaming industry evolves constantly. Thus, it is important for its talent to go above and beyond the industry needs. This contest gives us the opportunity to witness transcendence from today and tomorrow’s artists! We wish the best of luck to every participant!"

Visit - www.Ubisoft.com
"From Katauri Interactive, may the force be with you! The force of creativity and diligence. Good luck to all artists. We look forward to seeing some amazing results!"

Visit - www.katauri.com
"Streamline Studios is excited and proud to be a sponsor of Dominance War V. The Dominance War contest is one of the most crucial artistic events worldwide and we are as always excited to see the latest and greatest from up-and-coming and experienced talent of digital artists. We wish all participants the best of luck."

Visit - www.streamline-studios.com

"Neversoft Entertainment, located in Woodland Hills, California, just northwest of Los Angeles, is proud to be part of this commemorative chapter of Dominance War. Like our own energetic and talented in house artists, we share the excitement of being creative and passionate about our work. To see artists all around the world, for 2 months, committed to the same ideals, is an honor.

If you would like to work for a studio that operates with a career approach to game making by stressing organization, effective time management, and artistic evolvement, we would like to hear from you."

Visit: www.neversoft.com

"Shadows In Darkness is excited to be a sponsor in this year's Dominance War. After spending nine years on the art creation side of game production, we are still always eager to see how some of the top talent in the industry is pushing the envelope once again. Dominance War competitions continue to allow both industry vets and talented newcomers a chance to showcase their skills and talent on an even playing field for all to appreciate. We wish the very best to all contestants, and look forward to the amazing and inspiring art that comes out of this event. Good luck to all."

Visit: www.shadowsindarkness.com
"Ratrod Studio Inc is thrilled to sponsor the Dominance War contest. We share the same passion and believe it’s important to support our industry by being  involved in such challenge which will allow aspiring and professionals artists to show their talents throughout this competition. We’re excited to see the creativity and skills that will be displayed by this year’s participants. Our mission at Ratrod Studio is to push the boundaries both creatively and technically of what can be achieved on the different handheld and mobile platforms. We wish everyone the very best of luck."

Visit: www.ratrodstudio.com

"Staff and community members of ARTTalk.ru, as well as websites Render.ru and CGTalk.by, are glad to have an opportunity to provide financial assistance to such a grand event as Dominance War. It is an honor for ARTTalk.ru to represent russian artists at such a popular and global art event.

I am proud that our website, though still very young and participating
the first time in such a competition, attracted a lot of artists to
express unity and to find a way to help the contest at a difficult

We hope that, despite all the difficulties experienced, DW will continue
to grow, to flourish and to attract more and more talented people as

Visit: www.arttalk.ru

"It is truly an honor for CGart.ir to support “Dominance War V”, the world’s biggest Game Art challenge! This is the first time we are participating in this huge event, and this gives members of our community this awesome opportunity to learn and make progress beside the most powerful artists from all around the world! For us, it is not about the competition, it is about the massive amount of motivation it gives to each individual, and how the structure of this event makes the artists closer to each other, and in our case, mixed with the sense of patriotism, forming a real team full of inspiration and professionalism.

I would like to add, that I am really grateful for all the efforts the founder of this event, ‘Fredrick Hultqvist’ puts on this challenge, for we can actually touch the progression that comes with Dominance War series in our community, and consequently our fresh and growing Game Industry.
We hope an amazing event for all the communities and participants, and we look forward to the results, and oncoming 'Dominance War's. We are happy to take part, and be there till the end.

CGart.ir Communities , Amirhossein Erfani | Founder."

Visit: www.cgart.ir

"3DTotal are happy to support Dominance War with a financial donation as after running several competitions ourselves we are only too aware of the time, dedication and commitment that goes into organizing such an event. DW is one of the premier CG competitions and is extremely popular with the 3DTotal community. The fun of an inter-forum challenge resulting in many thousands of competitors 'battling' it out makes it one not to miss and with the support of ourselves and others we hope it will continue long into the future."

Visit: www.3dtotal.com
"CGSociety congratulates the Dominance War team on continuing this great competition which has become an institution within every digital art community in the known universe. Dominance War brings the communities together onto a field of fierce and fair battle. May the best team win!"

Visit: www.cgsociety.org

Gold Support
Amethyst - Barbara Hultqvist
Taehoon - Taehoon Oh
Marcus Dublin - Marcus Dublin
Yung - Tommy Wong Choon Yung
Mickey - Vladimir Mikaelyan
walrus - Michael Dashow
seungeon - Seungeon
alexisys - Aleksandra
FedDark - Fedor Losev
dustinbrown - Dustin Brown
Devoid - Kevin Dobler
Skwigglesworth - Pete O'Connor

Silver Support
3d_er - Tom Stuart
Stare - Vadim Nefedov
armians - Arminas D.
Rio - Matt
displaced - Mikhail
FedDark - Fedor Losev
Furok - Ilya Rogov
Rain - Dorian Johnson
sathe - Grant Warwick

Bronze Support
Blacklion - Walter Carter
TheDarkKnight - Patrick van Rooijen
Thujon - Jan Degler
Skartemka - Artyom
Arkadius - Eddie Munoz
Fabio Brasilien - Fabio Brasilien
insepto - Camilo Sanin
Gottsnake - Eugine Zaikin
dmightyone - Daniel Lins
temper - Anton Zhikharsky

This year, as in Dominance War I all the way back in 2006, only a few prizes and letters of congrats will be given by our sponsors to commemorate your work and outstanding achievements. There will be no cash prizes. If you make it in the top 25 standings, or become best for your team through process of public votes, the exposure alone is worth more than any prize that can be provided. A big thanks goes out to our sponsors who are looking forward to congratulating the champions of this war.


Pinchbot Collectibles will create 100 unit toy runs of 3 of the top 3D entries!**  Each winner will receive 3 copies of his/her collectible or 3 collectibles of their choice from the store.  The top 3 winners will also receive royalties for each statue sold on the Pinchbot online store!  We will also be awarding the remaining top 10 3D winners a statue of their choice from the Pinchbot online store.  Good luck to everyone!!

**Due to the nature of the RP process and mass production fabrication, pinchbot may have to default their selection to a 4th to 10th place champion. If pinchbot chooses not to recreate 2nd and/or 3rd place entry, they will instead receive 3 free collectibles from our online store.

Pixologic has achieved new breakthroughs with the release of ZBrush 4. Through the introduction of completely new tools and the extension or expansion of existing ZBrush utilities, ZBrush 4 sets a new standard for digital art software. ZBrush 4 offers the freedom to explore and create; take your art from concept to final production asset without the need to leave the ZBrush environment. You can also use GoZ to seamlessly transition between ZBrush and other applications.

Pixologic is delighted to award ZBrush commercial licenses to the 5 top 3D Character Artists in Dominance War V.

D-AnatomyStore will be sponsoring these items to the champions of the following categories:
3D Champion DVD-Sculpting The Ecorche Male Figure + Ecorche Male Model Figure
Concept Champion DVD-Sculpting The Ecorche Male Figure + Ecorche Male Model Figure
Animation Champion DVD-Sculpting The Ecorche Male Figure + Ecorche Male Model Figure

Ubisoft is proud to award a collector's edition of Assassins Creed along with a letter of congrats to the champion of the Concept Art Challenge.

Streamline Studios will be sponsoring these items to the champions of the following categories:

  3D Champion $100 Gift Certificate at Amazon.com
  Concept Champion $100 Gift Certificate at Amazon.com
  Animation Champion $100 Gift Certificate at Amazon.com

Neversoft is proud to award DWV's Animation champion with a congratulations letter and the following memorandum for a job well done: Neversoft T-shirt, Neversoft water bottle, Neversoft martini glass, Neversoft hat, Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock-PS3, Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock-XBOX360

RatRod is proud to award DWV's Concept Art champion with a congratulations letter and the following items for an excellent job: Mike V: Do or Die Skateboarding – iPhone, Drift Mania Championship - iPhone or Mac OSX,


11:59 pm Eastern Time, Monday, May 23rd, 2011


This competition is brought to you by GameArtisans.org

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