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DW Organizer Contact:

For all questions regarding sponsorships, advertising, technical difficulties, entry or submission problems, spelling errors, or any other inquiries about Dominance War, please contact:

Fredrik [FredH] Hultqvist

GameArtisans.org Founder
Dominance War Organizer
Unearthly Challenge Organizer
fredh [at] dominancewar [dot] com
or use GameArtisans.org's pm feature to ping Fred
DW Team Leaders:

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Fredrik [FredH] Hultqvist

GameArtisans.org Founder
fredh [at] dominancewar [dot] com
or use GameArtisans.org's pm feature to ping Fred
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Rick [heavyness] Kolesar

Team Leader for CGTalk.com
CGTalk Game Competitions Organizer
heavyness [at] gmail [dot] com
or use cgtalk's pm feature to ping Rick
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DJ [BiG ToE] Hancock

Team Leader for 3DTotal.com
3DTotal Game Competitions Organizer
DJ.Hancock [at] comcast [dot] net
or use 3DTotal's pm feature to ping Andrew
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Taehoon [terries] Oh

Team Leader for CGLand.com
Main English and Korean Contact/translator for CGLand.com
5taehoon [at] gmail [dot] com
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Liu Juan - Leta

Team Leader for leewiART.com
Main English and Chinese Contact/translator for leewiART.com
liujuan9 [at] gmail [dot] com
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Maxim [maxx] Miheyenko

Team Leader for CGTalk.ru
CGTalk.ru Editor
beyonddark [at] mail [dot] ru
or use CGTalk.ru's pm feature to ping maxx
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Vincent Ganachaud

Team Leader for 3dvf.com
Main English and French Contact/translator for 3dvf.com
genyon [at] gmail [dot] com

3dvf Site Administrator

Contact - info@3dvf.fr

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Abhishek Chandra

Team Leader for cgtantra.com
cgtantra.com coFounder/Administrator
abhishek [at] cgtantra [dot] com
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Marcelo Ricardo Ortiz

Team Leader for 3d4all.org
Main English and Portuguese Contact and translator for 3d4all.org
3d4all.org Administrator
marcelo [at] melies [dot] com.br
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Jennifer Yu

Team Leader for CGHub.com
Public Relations for CGHub.com
jennifer.yu [at] cghub [dot] com