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DW MIGS November 8th 2010

What are art competitions? Why enter them? Are there benefits? How do they work? Fredrik "FredH" Hultqvist, founder of Dominance War and Game Artisans online, together with Dan "Draxxuss" Rickard, veteran online challenge participant, art director and instructor, will host a celebratory launch of Dominance War V that highlights art challenges online and how after the turn of the century, they have become an extraordinary means of self promotion for artists world wide. To highlight this occasion, the event will be specifically tailored to art instructors, recruiters and art directors. For the past 10 years, art challenges online have become a serious means of advertising ones talents, methods, and work habits to the world. It's a new form of art test, as artists who are able to start and complete an entry, prove their capabilities as artists, as potential employees, and as determined and trusted working individuals. As a result, artists and employers are coming together in a common meeting ground like never before.

On November 8th, 2010, from 7-9pm, Dan "Draxxus" Rickard, Art director and teacher and a long time participant of various art challenges online, will talk about the various stages involved in how to participate in online challenges. He will explain a wip (work in progress) thread, highlight how artists make finals, showcase before and after shots of artists and their accomplishments after 1 or more years competing, how they motivate artists to learn, how they help artists find jobs, and more. At the end of the talk, Fredrik Hultqvist, founder of and, will take over and reveal the new rules and guidelines for the launch of a grand Olympic-like challenge, Dominance War V on

We will have a questions and answers period for the remainder of the night. To sign up for this celebratory event, read orange text below.

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Fredrik Hutlqvist, founder of and online, is a creative director who is passionate about his work. He holds a technical degree in art and has worked in the games industry both as a freelance and fulltime game artist. Since 2006, Fred began, organized and managed various online art competitions, most of which have become renowned international events. He has won awards of excellence for personal artworks, has partners in various countries and is well connected to game companies around the world. Interviews with Mr. Hultqvist have appeared in Russian, Chinese, English, and Korean Game/Art magazines – Names include Playstation, GameLand, Photoshop, Imagine FX, CG Magazine China and more. Fred’s artistic background together with his undying drive and passion to help artists everywhere level up, has given a unique, fun and specialized series of challenge that have pushed the creativity of game artists world wide.

Dan Rickard, an accomplished 11-year veteran 3d artist who specializes in animation and character design, has worked on over a dozen games. Recent titles include Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham City, Borderlands, Army of Two, and dozens more. In his 11-year trek, Dan has worked on all artistic stages of game development with DICE Canada and has also been an Art Manager and Animation Lead at Redjade. While keeping one foot attached to doing contract work for games, Dan continues to enjoy his role as Professor at Fanshawe College in London Ontario where he teaches introductory 3d as well as Advanced 3d Animation and Character Design. Dan's love for 3d art has kept him bound to GameArtisans and its multitude of competitions - which he tries his very best to compete in, as many as possible, under the name, "Draxxuss".

Art Competitions online participants and DW representatives:
Max Hultqvist
Environment Artist
Nicolas Garilhe
3D Game Artist
Gameloft Montreal
Vlad Dergachov
3D Modeler
Eidos Montreal

During the questions and answers part of the evening, a DW representative will be availabe to personally answer any and all your questions. Additional artists will be added as representatives before the event begins.

We look forward to having you join us on November 8th 2010 from 7-9pm. Please call 514.439.4263 to reserve your seat today. Event is free of charge and will take place at the Hilton Hotel during MIGS (Montreal International Games Summit).
  MIGS 2010 - Hilton Hotel, Montreal, QC

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