Dominance War IV Exhibition
July 25-26th 2009

For the first time in 4 years, Dominance War art was shown live in China. From July 25th to 26th 2009, in China GDC (CGDC) located in the multimedia park in Shanghai, a fabulous gallery was set up by our new DW China team and DW China Regional partner, Upon entering the exhibit hall, guests were greeted with an exceptional showcase that depicted some of the best 3d artwork and digital paintings found across the globe. A joint venture showcasing artwork from both Dominance War and other popular artists, there were many grand pieces of interest to be seen. With staff attending from Ubisoft, CCP Games, Epic, Crytek and more, it was thee place to be to relax, chat, and to have a good time.

China GDC is one of the largest game events in China. It is an event that caters to enthusiasts up to professional game content creators. Featuring many conferences, business meetings, lectures and additional public events, CGDC is a great platform to gain deep insight about game developing techineques in China. Tracks contain online game developing, outsourcing, next generation game, game design, mobile game developing, etc.

The Dominance War IV exhibit was made possible by the initiative of leewiArt, a proud new Chinese team for Dominance War V 2010.

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