Dominance War III Exhibition
November 16-19th 2008

It is exciting times in Ilsan, South Korea. Dominance War (DW), one of the world’s largest online game art competitions exhibited the best works of DW III during GSTAR 2008. After pulled a concept art victory with eight placements in the top-10 DWIII standings and a near win in the 3D category with a 2nd place standing, the event was celebrated with lectures, media coverage and now a splendid gallery in a major event: GSTAR 2008.

GSTAR is one of the largest game shows in the world featuring conferences, business meetings, lectures and additional public events. With more than 150 domestic foreign enterprises and over 3000 buyers and media, it is a keystone for reading present and future trends. From November 13th to 16th, as GSTAR 2008 progressed, the reputation of an international multicultural competition that lets artists showcase their skills and find jobs spread throughout the building. Lineups began to occur just to get a glimpse of what families, students and professionals said was the rave. With 150,177 visitors from around the world, the dominance war exhibit had its fair share of curious viewers who left the exhibit with inspiration and awe.

This exhibit was made possible by the initiative of Taehoon Oh, a team Bigun member and winner of Dominance War II and a committed supporter of the series and its ideals of helping game artists everywhere. Also, com2us at, one of the largest game companies in South Korea, played a major role in making the showcase a reality by printing and setting up a great DWIII showcase.

Left Image: Left Image: Two booth babes stand under the powerful Dominance War III representation created by Marco Mazzoni.

About GSTAR 2008

GSTAR is held in Korea's International Exhibition Center (KINTEX). It is an annual festival that attracts families and game-goers by providing a video console zone, an arcade game zone, a board game zone, a game character display zone, and a special zone for academics that houses student art projects from twenty different educational institutions.

GSTAR 2008 Exhibition Hall

Korea Game Industry Agency (KOGIA), a major sponsor for GSTAR 2008, had the Korean Games Conference, the World Game Culture Conference, and GSTAR held at the same time. With the most prominent international developers showcasing their wares, it was an informative yet festive event. GSTAR is a great opportunity to let the world know about the game industry and accomplish this, it did.


Dominance War III Exhibition