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DW during GDC 2009 - USA
April 12th 2009

Dominance War for the first time, debuted with great success in GDC San Francisco March 23-27th 2009. The organizers had a splendid opportunity to meet the artists behind the forum names and a great deal of inspiration was attained through demos given by leading character artists Brian "Bobo_the_seal" Jones, Brian Parnell, Josh Singh, Akin "RockinAkin" Bilgic and Mike "rv_el" Kime. It was a great occasion to hang out with fellow artists, meet up with friends, ask questions from pros, and learn about future Dominance War related events in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

With only a few pre-show mishaps, like FredH accidentally breaking one of the large DW banners in the first 5 minutes of set up, getting the booth nicely up and running before a carpet was installed, and a few other small occurrences, everything else happened without a hitch. As the event unfolded, many companies were introduced to DW for the first time and offered their support for future pioneering chapters of the war.

With such a positive response from companies, attending artists and online community members, future larger gallery-like events are being planned for additional GDC's around the world.

We would like to thank our sponsors and especially our major sponsor, Wacom for lending us an additional cintiq to demo with and Pixologic for providing us with additional funds to help make DW's GDC the success that it was.

GDC - Game Developers Conference - is a regional annual event where Game development-related exhibitors demonstrate the latest technologies, services and products on the GDC expo floor. Whether it's for talking with company experts, seeking information about the latest innovations in games, or fishing for goodies given by many company exhibits, GDC has a little something for everyone. With over 18 000 attendees each year, GDC has become one of the world's leading events in getting the world inspired about games.


Dominance War GDC 2009

Taehoon Oh (left), Ryan "aftermath" Hawkins (center), Fredrik "FredH" Hultqvist (right)