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With two new forces awakening, polycount's military forces recovering, and with the remnants of cgchat gathering together to restore their rightful inheritance, a first wave of super soldiers were sent by all to cripple each other's attempts for control. These super soldiers, or better named: "Shadows," will penetrate, assassinate, and destroy any forms of resistance while at the same time, secure an opening for their team's gathering fleets. It is through these Shadows that a new power shall attain dominance in an epic battle that would later become known as. . .

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- Submission Requirements for Finals -
One Entry per person max. If you are in a team of two, then you can't be part of another team.

The following images and text must be submitted to complete your entry:

- A final thumbnail at 128 x 128 pixels. It must be this exact size, not smaller or bigger.

Winning Pose Shot
- Dimensions: 800w x 900h pixels - 200k file size
- This image can only have "One" pose of your character. No multiple shots or different angles. Just one! Additionally, you must include a stand but you can not include a large background scene. Example, your character can rest on a pedestal, but he can "not" have a war scene with explosions and background characters behind him.

Beauty shot of your character
- Dimensions: 800w x 900h pixels - 200k file size
- Feel free to put multiple angles of your character or just one big version or your character on this page. You can include background characters, environments, effects.. basically, anything goes here.

Construction (wireframe)
- Dimensions: 800w x 900h pixels - 200k file size
- Feel free to put multiple wireframe shots or just one big wire frame shot on this page. This page is for seeing the layers that make up your character. Suggested Inclusions: base wire frame, close up of interesting areas, high-res model [if character is normal mapped] etc)

Texture sheet
- Dimensions: 800w x 900h pixels - 200k file size
- This texture sheet includes all your used texture sheets squeezed into this "one" sheet. If you used Normal maps, they must be included! Otherwise, Spec, bump, glow, transparency etc are optional.

Concept Sheet
- Dimensions: 800w x 900h pixels - 200k file size
- Any preliminary sketches, concepts, and paintings that you created to help you understand how to make your character, can be shown here. Squeeze everything onto this one sheet.

- Your personal details such as:
*Your Entry's Name
*Your First Name
*Your Last Name
*Your Email Address
*Your Website Address
*Final Notes on your entry. (If you are a team of two, please include the info of your partner in these notes)

Good luck!



- Dominance War Extension - Deadline: March 26th 11:59p.m US & Canada Eastern Time -



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