Under the leadership of War General Corum, followed in suit by General Brood and General Xemakos, an end to all that was cgchat came to be. The Emperor was mutilated and then killed. Cgchat's capital Citadel of Stars was burned and then nuked. Cities were pillaged and then bombarded from orbit and what little remained of cgchat's forces and citizens were forced into hiding....

Was this truely the end of this century old war? or was this just a beginning for greater things to come...

The year is 3006 and it has been 100 years since the proud Federation has fallen. With an absence of a ruling force, "the System," 12 terraformed planets and home to both human and alien kind alike, has fallen into such terrible wars that almost all traces of what was once beautiful and proud, have disappeared. However, new hope stirs within the System.

Two rising powers have taken form: One, for the reestablishment of law and order, and the other, for the destruction of all that is good. After 100 years of battle in what can be called the war for dominance, or "The Dominance War," both sides have exhausted all but their most mundane weapons. So now, in a last ditch effort to annihilate the other, new blood in the form of "War Generals" have been found. It is through these generals, some willing and some not, that the fate of the system will inevitably be changed, for good or for bad, forever more!

Note to Cgchat War Generals
(the Good Guys)

We do not know where they came from, we do not understand their methods, and we do not understand their reasoning, but what we do know is that their threat to us is real, it is deliberate, and it is here and now! I don't need to tell you that Defeat is unacceptable!! We, as a rising force for good and for everything that is just, can not, and WILL NOT bow to this force for evil! Maybe some amongst you are scared, maybe others amongst you have friends on the other side, and maybe all of you are tired and worn from battles in other systems and late night crunches, but do not let this dissuade You! For nearly a 100 years, our system has known no peace and with every additional year that passes, more and more people die and more and more cities fall. Finally, WE have the chance to end this! They have come to our doorsteps and threaten to destroy us, but this act of aggressiveness will be their End! Because we, as a force for just, never surrender!

Let us live to remember that WE were at the line when the hordes of the rage came upon us and let us live to remember that WE were there when we fought them back and WON! So I urge all you War Generals, do not let this be our last few days within our system. Let this be a new beginning, to what will, and always be, our bright new home! Let's go to WAR!!!
Note to Polycount War Generals
(the Bad Guys)
We saw what the last federation did for us... Nothing! They came and they went and only the stench of their pride remains stained on our system's planets. Now, here crawl their siblings who believe themselves to be good and true! But we know better! They are just that... siblings! They are mere babies grown up in a world too cruel to cope with so they band together in an attempt to bring their fantasies to life. But fantasies and dreams are best left to those who lay sleeping, dead, and buried! Let us show them the true face of this cruel life! Let us show them the real world where trivial things like law, love, hope, and order, are for those who lack the courage to face the truth! In our world, there is no room for loopholes, backdoors, infringements, policies or tricks, because in our world, it's Death to the Weak!

I don't care why you are here, where you come from, or if you are busy... you fight because I now tell you to FIGHT!! Go out there and sacrifice your bodies!!!! Show them that we are not to be messed with!! Now Go and Lead us to VICTORY!!
Entry Details:

- Create a "War General" capable of leading a small militant attack force. This War General can be of any race; human, alien, cyborg, or robot. The choice of armaments is up to you. The largest gun, or the smallest concealed knife, if your general is comfortable in dealing mass carnage or razor sharp coordinated assaults with it, then by all means give it to him/her/it.

- Creating a small vehicle for your general is optional. You general should be capable for any type of mission, in door or out. So a huge tank might not work so well for indoor starship fighting. Therefore, a small hover-bike or jetpack could work.

- The choice of style for this comp is realistic and semi-realistic. No cartoons, no cartoon shading, no joke characters (we are at war!) and no Japanese anime style characters.
Entry Specifics:

- You have 5000 tris to be distributed as you see fit between the War General and his/hers/its armaments

- You have 1 x 1024 color sheet and all the other goodies that are tied along with it (specifically: Reflection map, specular map, specular color map, normal map, bump map, Opacity(transparency) map, Glow map, and Glossiness map). Feel free to divide this into smaller 512 maps (4 x 512) if you wish. To clarify this, if you use the 1x1024 route, then you also have a 1024 sheet for Normal, a 1024 sheet for bump, etc etc. Same thing if you choose to use 4 x 512 color sheets. You now have 4 x 512 for normals, 4 x 512 for bumps etc etc.

- Create a small stand with unrestricted polygons and textures

- Must be posed on a pedestal in a winning pose format!!! See dimensions in submission guidelines under Submissions

- Entries without a winning pose will not be considered for a first place standing

- Repeat: No winning pose... NO WIN!!!!

- Joint entries are allowed to a maximum of "two" people on one entry. Each artist must clearly identify what part of the project they worked on

- No Old Models! Everything must be done specifically for this contest!

- Keep excessive gore and nudity to a decent level please! This contest is not pg13, but you should be able to show your mother should she ask what you have done.

- End of specifics
Submission Guidelines for Finals:
Please visit Submissions and follow the instructions carefully in order to be eligible for entering into the finals.


You will be able to gloat to your friends that you won the following ornaments and gifts during the greatest war of year 2006: The Dominance War!
The top 5 standings will receive special Gifts from the following companies:
- Neversoft
- Iron Lore
- Ritual Entertainment
- Mythic Entertainment
- Epic Games
- Ensemble
- Secret Level
- New Riders and Peachpit press
- http://www.3D.sk
- www.environment-textures.com
(see prizes page for specifics)



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